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Solutions within Translation, Writing Services, Language Training and Interpreting - Semantix

Semantix helps people to understand each other. We offer solutions within translation, writing services, language training and interpreting.

We are the Nordic region’s largest language company, and the 15th largest in the world. Our size provides valuable benefits for our customers. We have the biggest network of translators, interpreters and language consultants, enabling us to offer you the right expertise for each individual assignment. We also have the resources to purchase and develop the very latest technology.

We have customers within both the private sector and the public sector. We specialise in many different industries and subject areas, including manufacturing and technology, medicine and pharmaceuticals, law, banking and finance, advertising and media, the automotive industry, energy and social information.

Our latest customer survey shows that 92% of our customers are satisfied or very satisfied with Semantix’s professional and friendly service.

We have around 300 employees in 12 offices in Sweden, Finland and Norway. Our network consists of approximately 7,000 professional translators, interpreters and language consultants.

Welcome to Semantix!

Phone: +46 (0)770 45 74 00 , +358 10 346 7500
Website URL: http://www.semantix.eu/

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