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Learn Languages Online

Learn languages online with ielanguages.com

Free language lessons in 21 languages plus advice on expat life in France and teaching English overseas.

This website began as a collection of notes from my high school French class in 1997.
I will be forever grateful to Madame Refice, my first French teacher, for giving me an understanding and appreciation of the French language that led me to create this website. I've been continually adding more languages and linguistic-related material over the years.
The academic and teaching ESL pages were written by me during my undergraduate and graduate coursework. Seven of the language tutorials were written by me, and I wrote them while learning the language.

I recently moved back to the US where I continue to work as an assistant editor of the Journal of New Zealand and Pacific Studies. I am also the webmaster of the New Zealand Studies Association and Moai Culture websites. For more information about my professional/academic accomplishments, visit my CV website - http://www.jenniferlynnwagner.com

Website URL: http://ielanguages.com/

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Jennifer Lynn Wagner
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