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Internet Translation Company - Tolingo

Years of experience
Founded in 2008, tolingo became one of the world’s leading internet translation companies after just one year. The platform www.tolingo.com brings together clients and translators from all over the world in real time.

Extensive pool of linguists
At the touch of a button, more than 6000 qualified, specialist linguists are at your disposal, offering translations in more than 220 language combinations.

Clients from every sector
In Germany alone, we manage approximately 300 translation projects per day. Clients and translation-users alike are won over by our high service levels and quality.

Top quality in the shortest time
At tolingo, the same quality standards are applied for express orders, just like any other translation order. Fast processing and editing can be achieved using a worldwide translator network and the huge choice of translators available.

Phone: +49(0)40 413 583 100
Website URL: https://www.tolingo.com/en

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