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Native Korean Tutoring & Translation Service

First of all, thank you for your interest in learning Korean by Skype seriously. I was born and grew up in Seoul, Korea and I have been living here for the most of my life. I graduated from University of Seoul and have been teaching Korean to foreign people for 7 years. For now, I am working for a Korean language school. Also, I have been teaching English for college prep for 7 years and have a TESOL ( Teachers of English to Speakers of Other languages) Certificate from California State University San Bernardino.

What I do best is that I can lead lessons to what you need whether it's a daily conversation or business Korean or TOPIK. I prefer a conversational approach. I use books to teach beginners and intermediates and TV news to teach advanced learners. Also, I'm running a Korean learning blog through K-POP lyrics (http://koreanthroughkpop.blogspot.com) and I have a Korean teaching certificate, too. Besides, My Chinese skill is intermediate (HSK level 4 acquired last year) and I am sure that it will definitely help you understand the formation of Korean words because 70% of them are based on Chinese characters. I lived in Shanghai and Beijing for a year to study and work for an international freight forwarding company.

For now, I have 10 students in total. (Don't worry, I have openings.). Their occupations are various such as English teachers, a college student who passed the required Korean level for admission , office workers, and high school students.

I am very serious at teaching, so I won't let you waste your time and money. I always give you homework and test you about what you have learned when each lesson begins. I feel proud of myself when I see their lives becoming easy here. So I always do my best. I charge you 25GBP for one hour lesson. ( But the first trial lesson is free and then you can decide. ) My rate could change depending on your hours of one session and I accept payment by Paypal or direct bank transfer. Please email me for more information and let me know with your available time for my lesson.

I have been tutoring Korean to foreign people living in Seoul for many years and personally I enjoy dancing K-Pop choreo, which is very fun and good for my hobby and exercise. Please visit my cover dance video channel, https://www.youtube.com/user/11newcon/videos

P.S. Plz visit my facebook if u want to get to know more about me.
I also offer English-Korean translation service. I helped a few foreigners find a housing , file a report in Korean to the court of law , and visit their Korean families.

Website URL: http://koreanthroughkpop.blogspot.co.il/

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personally I enjoy dancing K-Pop choreo
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