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ESL Teacher at McDonnell Elementary

Delia Martinez-ESL Teacher
Hello! My name is Delia Martinez and I am honored to be one of the ESL teachers at McDonnell Elementary.
I was born in Texas, raised in Mexico, and moved permanently to Alabama in 1998 to begin my formal education.
My experiences out of the states and as a former ESL student has shaped who I am as a teacher and has instilled in me a passion to teach English Language Learners.
I have a huge family, but a small immediate family with only one sibling who is also pursuing teaching.
I am a cat lover, enjoy watching Netflix when I can, LOVE children's literature, and enjoy outdoor activities.

Bachelors in Elementary Education from the University of Alabama in Huntsville
Concentration in Language and Culture

AMSTI Certification
Alabama Reading Initiative
Lee Vs Macon Awareness Training
Make Sense Strategies Training
Additional Certified Staff

Phone: McDonnell Elementary: (256) 428-7280
Website URL: https://www.huntsvillecityschools.org/schools/mcdonnell-elementary

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