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English Tutor for Doctors in Seoul

Hello I am here to help you build confidence with your English specifically for Doctors. I have assisted multiple doctors in Korea by improving their English as a medical professional. I have helped several doctors with U.S. Residency and Fellowship Program interviews! I am a native English speaker from the United States and I have had the pleasure of assisting several doctors for job interview preparation, business and interview etiquette, money-saving tips for travel, accommodations, etc and how you can PREPARE FOR SUCCESS! I currently live in Seoul and teach throughout most areas of the city.

Doctor's Review:
"한더샷 선생님은 정말 최고의 전문 원어민 영어 선생님이라 확신합니다..
그는 항상 제 입장에서 영어을 가르치고, 제가 영어를 배우는데 있어 모든 면에서 최고의 도움을 주고 있습니다." -- 권오성

For example, can you answer these:
● Can you explain why you had difficulties with the USMLEs?
● What are three (specific) things you look for in a Residency Program?
● Tell me about a time you made a mistake.
● What creative methods do you use to solve problems?
● As an IMG, what management style do you feel you thrive best under?

I am available for English Teaching for Private 1:1 Tutoring, Group Lessons, and Corporate or Company Classes. Since I am also legal to teach private tutoring in Korea, I am able to provide documentation for company reimbursement or repayment of English lessons.

1) How many hours and days a week you would like to have lessons?
2) What time and days you prefer to meet for lessons?
3) Where in Seoul you are location (please name the nearest subway station & line)?
4) What is the reason for seeking English lessons (i.e. USMLES, Residency Interviews, etc)?

*Based upon your answers, this will determine my hourly rate that I charge.

• General Conversation (Free Talking, American Slang, Idioms, etc)
• Business, Job Interview Preparation, Presentations, Conference Calls
• Resume or CV Restructuring (Proofreading & Revisions)
• Pronunciation and Intonation
• English Grammar
• Accent Reduction
• Writing (University Applications, Essay, Research Papers, etc.)
• Academic Study for TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, OPIc
• MBA and University Admissions Assistances
• US Residency and Fellowship Assistance

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