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Chinese Translations in Montreal - Bureau de traduction

Chinese translations in Montreal by professional translators in their native language.

Our agency (in Montreal or Toronto) translates all types of documents and guarantees you a faithful translation by translation professionals in the following fields: legal translation , technical translation, financial translation, business, medical translation, information technology and software, etc.

We provide our clients with translation in English, translation in French, translation in Spanish, translation in Brazilian Portuguese, translation in Chinese – more than 50 languages in total.

We also handle certified (official) translations of diplomas and degrees, transcripts, birth certificates, passports, etc., whether you need them for immigration purposes, for your lawyer or for a Notary Public, or for court purposes.

When the Asiatis translation agency was founded in 1999, we specialized in Asian languages (hence the name Asiatis), as well as French and English. Our company quickly established working relationships with French companies of international standing, most of which had subsidiaries in Asia.

These clients were fully satisfied with our services, as much for the quality of our work as for our resourcefulness and commitment to respecting deadlines, and encouraged us to broaden our range of services. This, in turn, led us to offer translation services for European, Scandinavian, and, later on, Middle Eastern languages.

Our team of professional graphic artists can take care of the page layout of your Chinese translations. Our DTP team can handle various formats, including Quark Xpress, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, PageMaker, and many others. Once your text is tran

Area: Montreal
Phone: Montréal: 514 448 2758, Toronto: 416 619 5911
Website URL: http://asiatis.ca/en/services/translation/our-cities/montreal/chinese-translations-montreal/

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Our team of professional graphic artists can take care of the page layout of your Chinese translations.
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