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Language/Culture Programs - Learning Korean

Institute of International Education, Seoul - Korea
Language Courses for International Students

Professionally licensed Korean language instructors lead classes in a comfortable and upbeat setting for efficient learning. A "homeroom teacher" system and an academic/lifestyle counseling program are also provided.

Other languages

- Foreign Language Courses (practical communication-focused learning with a native speaker).
- Languages of instruction: Spanish, French, Thai, Russian, Arabic, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese.

LEAP Program
English language training for middle and high school teachers
Special Intensive Training for Early Entrance Students (SITE)
Speaking Academy
Intensive English camps run during summer and winter breaks (adults and children).

Phone: +82-2-961-0081~2, +82-31-201-3900
Website URL: http://www.khu.ac.kr/eng/academics/language_culture_programs.jsp#this

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