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Chinese for Beginners

Learning Chinese online has never been more convenient. We offer you a way to learn Chinese at a time of your choice with any member of our tutor team that you decide to choose. You pick the subscription that suits you best whether it is 5 hours per month or over 20 hours per month. One free trial lesson with one of our tutors and you will have your Chinese learning ambitions clearly set out in front of you. We are successful in what we do because our tutors are engaging and can support you in improving your Chinese any way that you demand. Book a free trial lesson so we can show you why there is no better way to learn Chinese online.

We provide live and interactive Chinese lessons to your classroom of students using easily accessible technology such as Skype.

Our teaching team is based in China and is broadcast into your classroom at the same time every week to provide your students with an immersive Chinese language learning experience.

Website URL: http://mychinesetutor.org/product-description/kids-courses/

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