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Learn Chinese Online in Virtual Classroom

Hanbridge Mandarin Virtual Classrooms are available on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android platforms.

Over 3000 people have already learned Chinese online with Hanbridge Mandarin.

① Live, online face-to-face lessons with your teacher.
② Advanced teaching tool virtual classroom, similar to Skype but does more.
③ Real time, quick response, interactive.
④ Schedule and cancel classes flexibly.
⑤ Anytime, anywhere, any devices.

Start your Chinese Learning Journey Online or in China.
Hanbridge Mandarin School helps individual and companies around the world to learn Chinese in a fun, easy and quick way.
All of our teachers are native Chinese with advanced degrees in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language so that you are assured of the best quality instruction.

Phone: US & Canada:1-800-348-2380, China:400-600-2202
Website URL: http://www.hanbridgemandarin.com/school/my/course/your-classroom

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