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Learn Italian Online

- General Italian Course. ALL LEVELS

Through pronounciation exercises, dictations, reading, listening and comprehension tests, writing of short compositions, followed by consolidation exercises you will reach the target of improving fluency and confidence while speaking Italian.

- Italian Conversation Course. INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED

Our Italian conversation classes include reading of contemporary articles via Skype, with particular attention to pronunciation, grammar structures, new vocabulary, idioms and common expressions of the Italian language.

- Exam Italian Course. ALL LEVELS

Simulation of the examinations include reading and comprehension tests; listening and comprehension tests; writing tests; tests on linguistic competence (grammar and vocabulary); oral skills.

We are not just an "online school". Our live online Italian lessons are organized and supervised by Centro Culturale Conero Italian language school, located in Italy, in the Marche Region and successfully active in teaching Italian as a second language since 1997.

Don't be shy and get in touch!

Website URL: http://www.learn-italian-online.com/about-us/

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