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Language Services - Serbian Grammar Page

We translate and localize documents in the following areas:

- Marketing, business and finance
- Web site and software localization
- Medical records and reports, medical questionnaires, pharmaceutical documents, clinical trials
- Over 3 years of direct experience with data management of clinical trial studies
- Legal and court documents, immigration-related documents
- Brochures, employee handbooks, assembly manuals
- Contracts, patents, proposals
- Chemistry (organic and non-organic)
- Book-length translations: academic topics, computer-technology, how-to books, fiction
- Personal documents: diplomas, school transcripts, birth, marriage certificates.

All translations are subjected to multiple levels of proofing, to ensure accuracy. All translations can be certified or notarized at the client's request.

Area: USA
Phone: +1 512 626-3854
Website URL: http://www.lztranslation.com/index.html

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Serbian and Croatian for over 15 years in the U.S.
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