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Languages - Online Learning - Mohawk College

An online learning course is one you take without meeting a teacher in a classroom.
You can study at home or at work - wherever you like, whenever you like, within a prescribed time frame.
The courses have a set schedule and are delivered over a 14 week period. Most courses do not require that you be online at a certain time of day or night, but that you are active in the course during the schedule. You cannot start courses late nor finish early.

Continuing Education (CE) at Mohawk College supports and encourages a ‘Learning Never Stops’ approach to life. We also recognize that our programs have to fit into the busy schedules of our CE students.

Phone: Support Services Officer: 905-575-2704, OntarioLearn 24-hour Help Desk: 1-800-695-5008
Website URL: http://www.mohawkcollege.ca/continuing-education/languages-other-courses.html

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