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Learn English or Japanese Online (Online Through Skype)

My name is Yuri Sakurazawa. I grew up in the U.S and Japan. I have been teaching for 5 years to all age groups. I taught ESL in a cram school, preschool, private class and online. I helped students prepare for Eiken, JET and Toeic. I tutored for JLPT N 3-5. (I passed JLPT N1)

I am very passionate about teaching and I hope my passion and enthusiasm about learning a new language impacts you in a positive way! It is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment when you acquire a language that you only dreamed of speaking before (I know how this is, as I have been there before.).

I provide customized lessons for each of my students in both languages. For English I provide beginner to intermediate lessons. For Japanese I provide beginner to intermediate lessons. Throughout my lessons I will provide commonly used phrases, role-plays, and a lot of practice for application. There will be quizzes from previous lessons to ensure that you are acquiring the language.

I provide a low-priced trial lesson. Why? Because I believe that students learn best from teachers that they feel that they can relate to and feel that their requests are satisfied.

I will help you accomplish your goals, whatever that may be (conversation, pronunciation, grammar, etc.) and to sound natural and confident. I will provide you with a relaxed environment for conversation and provide a lesson memo after each lesson. I will not be able to help you obtain a perfect accent or plan a by-the-book lesson for you.

I will do my best to help you reach your goals, but I cannot do this on my own. Help me help you reach your full potential. I know that this will be a fun and rewarding experience.

Schedule: 11am - 4pm (UTC) from Monday to Friday
*The weekends can be scheduled, if you let me know during the week.
Trial lesson fee: 1USD for 30minutes
Lesson fees for English: 15USD per hour / 60USD package lessons of 5 (1 hour per lesson)
Lesson fees for Japanese: 10USD per hour / 45USD package lessons of 5 (1 hour per lesson).

Feel free to contact me at anytime and I would love to schedule a trial!
Skype: YuriSakura315

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