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Open Translation Project

Join our global community of volunteers to bring TED into your language.

TED places tremendous priority on crediting volunteers for their contributions.

Volunteers with published subtitles will have:

Their profile appear in our translator directory.
A special TED profile page, listing their published work.

Subtitles go through the following steps before publication:
1. Transcription
TED provides an original transcript. (TEDxTalks are the exception — these talks are delivered in many languages and may be transcribed from audio by volunteers.)

2. Translation
Subtitles are translated from the original language into the target language, using a simple online interface.

3. Review
Subtitles are reviewed by an experienced volunteer, who has subtitled at least 90 minutes of talk content.

4. Approval
Before publication, reviewed translations are approved by a Language Coordinator or TED staff member.
Their name credited in TED’s video player when TED Talk subtitles are active.

Volunteer transcribers and translators help spread ideas to a global audience.

Website URL: http://www.ted.com/participate/translate/get-started

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Volunteer transcribers and translators help spread ideas to a global audience.
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